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OOC - possible NPCs

A youngish (~late twenties) woman, working as a waitress in a local dive bar or 'lunch counter' type restaurant. Her hook is that an ex-lover of hers became obsessed and suicided out when she left him, now his ghost haunts her by keeping others away. She never sees the ghost, because hes happy just to be near her, but anyone who tries to be friendly with her starts to have 'accidents'...

22 year old Female Japanese-American Bounty Hunter, a la Stephanie Plum. She has a mortal teenage sister and an interest in the occult and has a Doberman named either Jesus or Crowley. She thinks that the Choctaw next door is an interesting fellow.

31 year old Male Choctaw Indian who practices an exotic sort of "witchcraft" that combines elements of Native American mythology with Louisiana vodoun. His rituals are very secretive and private, more religious than spellcasting, but it's possible that every now and then, "something" answers him. He lives next door to the bounty hunter chick, and is leery of her dog. He believes that the girl's "misguided" practices have imbued the animal with "unnatural" forces. That part is all in his head, though.

23 year old Female Russian-American who has terrifying visions of the future and has MPD. She avoids the Choctaw because she's seen him die about forty-seven times in various waking and sleeping nightmares. Her English is only passable, so she probably has great difficulty explaining these visions to anyone else. It's also possible that she's a bit like Harry Potter's Professor Trelawney, and has visions of everyone suffering some terrible death, and every other day, she brings flowers, sympathy cards or good luck charms and leaves them on a random tenant's doorstep because she's seen them having some horrible and wretched fate.

kindly old lady who would back cookies and treats for local children and neighbors. the twist was she was being Urged by a Spirit of happiness. It would keep pushing her to make the people around her happy all the time. The plot I was working with was that as the spirit grew stronger and influenced her actions more she would start going to extremes to make people happy. Like kidnapping children to feed them cake and candies all the time so that they would be happy all the time right where the spirit could benefit. Of course the spirit couldn't understand why it doesn't work and kills them off when they become miserable and unhappy. Eventually it even goes as far as making the Old lady drug the treats she makes. The Spirit just wants everyone to be happy so it can feed but it doesn't understand what actually makes humans happy.

An old man, fairly quiet who keeps to himself. But he's actually a convict. He was a lifer who escaped many years ago and now just likes to lay low..

a computer/technology nut. She's a nice enough girl, just no real people skills to speak of... and she has the entire building wired for video and sound. She treats her neighbors like her very own, private soap opera, cheering for some, booing others. Obviously, some rooms she couldn't have wired.. Unless you want this chick to be evil. But it's a sure thing that she could have the PC's room wired. Which could lead to some mildly creepy events, like if someone's griping about how someone keeps stealing the funny pages of their newspaper, they start finding an extra copy on their doorstep, etc.

OK, don't know if I'll actually use any of these, but they were a fun little exercise
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