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Hey folks

Go and read this site - - its got a good flash intro with music if your modem can handle it. But all in all its a cool comic with a WoD feel to it. You may even meet some of the characters in it later on. *wink-evil-GM-grin*

After the intro plays - go back and click "skip flash intro" if you can't get to the comic.
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Hmm, I've read this before,maybe from a mail or link you shot me? Pretty cool stuff,vampy-noir!

Also: Disk works fine,trying to dig into it heres some questions!WHo's who of our intrepid bunch?(I know Des is the vamp,which wolf is which?Are they housebroken?) Assuming I go w/the mage,what traditions are active in your game setting? Would any particualar tradition be more useful/help round out the group than another? Would I be coming into the game 'awakened' or would this happen in the course of play?
Happy for any input you can give,I'll have mroe questions later I"m mage seems as complex to me as the old one ever was. =P
Thanks D-man