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The World of Knives and Faith - Monday Night Gaming Report

As a side note, I'm calling these individual scenes "Chapters"... they're still pretty much 'scenes' but I'm calling them Chapters, all right? All right.

A month has passed in Savannah.... and a new pack of werewolves has formed. Billy Barrows, William Lawson, Bob 'the Butcher,' and Paul Washburne joined together with the remnants of an old pack - Sam (a young Uratha who now spends most of his time in wolf-form) and Sarge (an old, Army, wheel-chair bound vet). Watching over this pack is the Blinding Fear - an inscrutable spirit of darkness that requires the pack to eat the eyes of prey they catch once a month and find a befriend a vampire.
Chapter 3
On October 27th (New Moon), Washburne gets a call from his old friend, the local coroner, who has something of an oddity on his hands. Paul drives out to a local townhouse; entering, the house smells of death. Passing an up-ended wheelchair, Paul finds his friend standing over a covered body in the kitchen. The recently deceased lived alone, rarely going out, and apparently they asphyxiated - choking to death after gnawing off their own fingers. Paul called Lawson to see if Lawson could call in a favor through his legal contacts to get a warrant for the deceased's phone. After some initial inquiries, the last place that the deceased visited was a local movie theatre and a new seafood restaurant so Paul went to find another pack mate who knows a bit about the city - Billy Barrows. Together the two of them headed out to the old Winslow Place.
Chapter 4
Finishing up paperwork, William Lawson notices that one of his guards, a single 20-something, has been taking excessive breaks. Lawson calls in the young man, Albert Cross, to find him unkempt - his shirt and tie covered in crumbs and coffee stains. Lawson gives him a dressing down, berating him as well for his slovenly behavior. After Cross leaves, Lawson calls some of his police contacts to have Cross followed and watched for the rest of the day.
Chapter 5
Billy tells Washburne that the strange girl who was at the old Winslow place that night has wound up either buying or is renting the old Winslow place now. So, by nightfall the entire pack has wound up at the old Winslow place. Some of them have figured out by now that Victoria is ... well, dead. She's a vampire, so the group befriends her and the Blinding Fear is partly appeased.
While at the old Winslow place, some of the Pack go scouting around in the spirit world - since this place obviously is holding some secrets and is creepy mysterious. The old Winslow place itself is fairly solid in the Shadow - solid and scary and creepy and menacing. Inside, it seems to be overly large, with lots of brooding shadows. Outside it seems to loom above interlopers, always watching, slightly aware.
Out on the property in the spirit world, there are four big trees, spaced apart, a fair ways away from the house. Apparently these trees' spirits are pretty violent. Three members of the pack poked around the tree, determined it somewhat dangerous, and decided to come back to deal with them later on.
Chapter 6
The PCs all head out to the Aquarium. The Mid-Atlantic Oceanic Institute owns a piece of real estate on the coast - they've had a research facility in Savannah for quite some time. A decade or two ago, they also built a large Aquarium there. Originally started as a place to hold specimens, a subsequent series of budget cuts turned the Aquarium into a tourist attraction that raised money for the research wing. In recent years, tourism for the Aquarium has fallen off. So, in order to continue their funding, a large restaurant - complete with the largest indoor aquarium on the Georgia coast - was built. In the 3 months since its been open it has been a huge success. The Aqua-land Restaurant was the last place that Washburne's mystery corpse visited.
Victoria gets the Pack in, and the Pack gets the Blinding Fear to cloak them all in shadows for a half-hour. They spend the first bit of their time exploring the research wing of the Institute, but do not find too much. They split up - Washburne and Lawson plumbing the computers for information; Victoria and Sam heading into the Aquarium to search for clues; and Billy and Bob head into the restaurant. Billy nabs a rat as it scampers into the kitchen and eats its eyes. Billy and Bob later get 'surprised' by a huge octopus in the center tank, and notice that there is an entrance to the tank at the top. Just as they're deciding to find a way up to investigate the tank, the control that the Blinding Fear has over shadows ends and Lawson gets a phone call. Its one of the local cops who just witnessed Cross buying some $300 worth of groceries to take home to his bachelor apartment.
So, the Pack (and Victoria) heads over to Mr. Cross' place to see what's going on.
Chapter 7
All heck breaks loose when it become apparent that Mr. Cross is possessed by something. After a sound beating from three Gauru, Mr. Cross is unconscious and likely in need of serious medical help. Sam finally makes it up to the room (after shagging some hot bitches in the parking lot. Yes, bitches as in female dogs. Yes, hot as in 'in heat.') in time to banish the spirit from the insensate Mr. Cross. Billy then leads most of the Pack across the Gauntlet where they trounce and discorporate the Gluttony Spirit.
Meanwhile, Washburne stands outside Mr. Cross Gauru-kicked-in door and tells people to go back to bed, mind their own business, FBI investigation taking place, etc while Victoria blankets the apartment interior in solid blackness (also allowing her to watch the Pack destroy the spirit).
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