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IC Posts - Paul Washburne

Personal journal:
Its been a month now since the subsequent events at the old Winslow house, and I find myself wondering if I am starting to go crazy. Ever since I leaped out the window to cut off the escaped convict and was attacked by a pack of wild dogs, I find myself seeing and doing things that I cannot explain. I believe I have picked up some type of illness from the dogs as my emotions flare unchecked at times,while other times I see people walking and talking as large dogs on two legs. I have to shake the cobwebs out of my head, as these images are quite disturbing at times. I find that I too see myself as one of these beasts, usually when I am alone, looking in the mirror while I am shaving or when I am asleep at night I have these dreams. The lines of reality are beginning to blur for me more and more.I fear staying here in Savannah for any length of time
is going to fracture my mind completely.

Official report for F.B.I.

on Oct 27th I was called to 316 Caroline Ave to investigate an unusual crime scene. I found myself at the home of one
Eugene Marrows. The deceased was found dead in the kitchen of his home, face down on the floor.Upon examination of the body, the victims finger were found to have been either ripped off or bitten off. Further examination of the deceased led to the finding of said fingers inside the victims mouth and esophagus. a thorough search of the house and surrounding grounds turned up the following: the victim had recently ordered food from a local grocer, yet no food was found anywhere on the premises. From his bank records, I was able to determine that the deceased had recently gone to a seafood restaurant at the local aquarium. The autopsy report further showed that the victims stomach was filled almost beyond capacity with food. I was able to cross check the victims grocery list with the food in his stomach.The only unusual thing found was seafood. The victim did not have any such type of food on his grocery bill. I found this strange as food is usually
completely digested within 24 hours of ingestion.
The cause of death from the coroner is thought to be death from asphyxiation.
A second person was found to have similar symptoms of the previous victim. One Albert Cross of the prison system and
employee of Warden Lawson. It seems that the good warden was concerned for this employee as he has been acting in an unusual manner for the last week. With the Warden's help,we were able to question the suspect without his knowledge
of my being there and found that he too had recently ate at this new restaurant that has opened at the Aquarium.
Warden Lawson was able to help me obtain a search warrant for this investigation, and I would like to include a high
recommendation for his assistance in this matter.
It is this agents personal opinion that the restaurant is inducing its patrons into some type of new drug which makes the
victims extremely hungry. However, whatever this new drug could possibly be, it does not show up in the toxicology reports of the first victim. I will need to obtain the reports for Albert Cross and compare them to Eugene Marrow's report. If it is found that Albert Cross has seafood in his stomach from a week ago, Then this new drug, introduced through the seafood,does not allow said food to break down in the digestive system. If this is the case,then a search warrant will have to be obtained for the Aquarium and research facilities. Such a drug, introduced into the world market would be catastrophic to society as a
whole. I will need to investigate further, as I have no clear cut suspects at this time.

End report .
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