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The Library of Shadows - A World of Knives and Faith

A World of Knives and Faith, Book 2
Chapter One Saturday, October 28th, 2000
After their interesting night out, the group spreads out to their homes around the city. Billy Barrows heads back to the Old Winslow place with Victoria, but as the sun rises he begins to experience a disturbing dream. In the vision, he was surrounded by blackness, but filled with an incredible hunger. The blackness was soon replaced by a glaring mixture of color and sound, all too bright and loud to make out any detail... but despite that it only seemed to fuel the hunger burning inside him, as if the richness of the sensation was like a new food.
Waking up, Billy called Agent Washburne to tell him about the dream. Washburne wanted to meet at a local diner - the WaffleShak.
Chapter Two
At the WaffleShak, Billy and Washburne met up with a local named Rain-Dog who had been planning on checking out the WaffleShak for other reasons. It seems that the WaffleShak had a long history with the local down-and-out for the copious amounts of food they discarded daily. However, of late, the restaurant's business had vastly increased, yet the homeless and destitute eating handouts, leftovers, and throwaways were becoming emaciated. In the restaurant, Rain Dog, Billy, and Washburne got a table together. In the Shadow, there were numerous spirits... a dense concentration of them that was odd in and of itself. Furthermore, the majority of the spirits were Gluttony or Hunger spirits. While they were there, they did witness some other spirit activity, but much of it appeared normal - rats, cockroaches, and so forth. Rain Dog did witness one other oddity in the WaffleShak - one of the knives that a cook was using appeared to be solid both in the real world and in Shadow.
Deciding that the WaffleShak was in serious need of some attention at a later date, the group set to leave - but Billy snuck back in to the Shadow and went back in to find and interrogate one of the Gluttony Spirits. From the spirit, he found out that there was something over at the Old Town Museum's new exhibit that may shed light on the mysteries the characters currently face.
Chapter Three
Back at the old Winslow place, Washburne, Billy, Bob, Victoria, and Rain Dog all meet up, get acquainted, and decide to head out to the museum at 7:30.
The museum is fairly crowded - apparently the new exhibit "How Savannah Touched the World" - opened just the previous night. In the museum, Billy went off to the restroom so that he could enter the Shadow - Washburne followed him and got pulled along as well. Once in the Shadow, both changed in to wolf-form and stalked off, trying to find a way to the basement. Upstairs, Victoria, Bob, and Rain Dog roamed the exhibit. Among the exhibit, there were a number of photographs and framed articles indicating that the Mid-Atlantic Oceanic Institute funded and conducted a bit of research on ships sunken off of the coast near Savannah. Pictured amongst the artifacts retrieved were a number of items that were not on display - a wooden sarcophagus, a chest of books, some stone spheres, and several unique octopi and fish. In the Shadow near the exhibit were a number of Knowledge and Curiosity spirits, but for the most part they were low-level spirits with limited intelligence. There were a few large Knowledge spirits that seemed to be Magath of some kind, but they tended to hover over small crowds in the museum making it difficult for the PCs to get too close. While watching, Rain Dog spotted some other spirits lingering nearby - but apparently hiding. Closer inspection revealed these to be Fear and Murder spirits, but they weren't hiding, they were apparently stalking prey. Before the group could investigate, Billy came up in the Shadow to bring the rest of the group down to the basement where he and Washburne had found a semi-hidden elevator.
Chapter Four
While trying to figure out what to do next, the elevator began to rise. From it stepped a young business man and a middle-aged woman. The middle-aged woman hesitated as she left the elevator as if she perhaps sensed that something was amiss, but she did not wait around or investigate. Down the elevator the group found a large open room filled with 8 climate-controlled plexi-glass boxes. Each of these huge workrooms had some artifact or collection within being preserved for later study. Among these were the items that Victoria had noticed pictured but absent from the exhibit. In the Shadow, the cubicle containing the chest of books was inhabited by a large spirit apparently made up of books and scrolls. Named Secrets Lost at Sea, this spirit told the PCs that in return for answering 5 questions it wanted to be released back in to the sea where it would not be disturbed again. The group debated about this for some time, finally deciding that they'd have to come back with more preparation.
Chapter Five
On the way home from the museum, the PCs stopped off at the WaffleShak. The spiritual presence was less, but still fairly dense for such a setting. The knife that Rain Dog had seen in the kitchen was no longer there, but the PCs managed to get the name and address for the cook who had been using the knife.
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