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Agent Paul Washburne

I think I'm starting to get used to this whole idea of being what I am. It's funny. I sit on the bed at the motel and stare at myself in the mirror. I watch myself change from man to wolf and then back again. The change isn't that much of a shock anymore. You see, I am a werewolf. Yes, I know, werewolves don't exist. Neither do Vampires of fairies or the Easter Bunny, Yet, here I stand,large as life,a Werewolf. Live and in the flesh. You might scoff at that like I did just over a
month ago,But I have become a believer. I am also starting to think that there is more to live than just what we see and hear and feel with our senses.
Speaking of the senses,I must comment on scent. As mere humans,our sense of scent compared to that of an animals, Is like comparing a blind,deaf man to a normal man. When I am in wolf form,the strange,wonderfulness of all the smells out there almost overwhelms me at times! How much better are the animals to us
humans,who think themselves as superior! HA! What a joke that is! Animals,unlike humans,don't stab each other in the back,they don't cheat on their wives
or husbands and when they kill it is for food or to protect their young or mate. Humans with all their superior intelligence and high mucky-muck standards, are
so two faced as to be laughable. We,who kill unwanted babies while still in the womb,simply because the father of the child left because he cant handle children,or the responsibility,or whatever reason. Who are we to say that this person should live or die? By what right do we have as humans to tear up the land for our cities?My 10 years as an F.B.I. investigator,seems but a pittance compared to the month I have lived since the dog attack at the Winslow house. I am
seriously considering turning in my badge and gun to go and live out in the wilderness among the wild animals. I feel the call........I think I will do it....Its time
for me to retire and live the way I believe I was supposed to live.

The previous report I have filed may be in error. I know think that it is a new strain of disease that is being spread by an unknown method.(most probably airborne) I further believe that the disease has mutated to a less dangerous form as I was infected at one time while in the course of the investigation. I am now no longer under its powerful effects.
Upon further thought, it is my intention that I be taken off this case and have it assigned to another agent as I am declaring my retirement at this time. This case has taken its toll on me,and I am too used up to be of further assistance.

Sincerely, Paul Washburne
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