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Monday Night Gaming Report.

I'm skipping over the Pack's rapid assault on the apartment of the cook from the WaffleShak. Suffice to say that it was a bit of quick and near-bloodless mayhem and intimidation, the human predator confessed to the cops, and the PCs made off with the spirit-haunted knife.

After retreiving the Spirit-Haunted Knife, Victoria (keeping the knife wrapped up in cloth) stashed it away at the old Winslow Place. The Pack split up to take care of more mundane things.

Rain-Dog went to a Masqued Ball - his Order holds one in Savannah every new moon. While there he traded some secrets to learn that there is at least one group of mortals in the city who fancy themselves occultists. A member of the Mysterium (whose name is "Caller") watches over them somewhat and has noticed that lately there are an increased number of Knowledge spirits following the mortals around. He doesn't know why yet, but its happening.

Some time later, Victoria was visited by another Vampire, Rebecca Starr. Ms. Starr is apparently part of a small group of Vampires; she is in charge of their security too. These vampires meet at the local museum but Ms. Starr has recently had some trouble with security; specifically the video feed coming from a specific room underneath the museum (the very same one Secrets-Lost-At-Sea currently inhabits). Her mortal Ghoul tells her that there is nothing wrong with the physical security or the video feed, but nonetheless all that camera records or shows is static. Ms. Starr doesn't seem to believe too much in the whole 'occult realms of spirits,' but was tipped off to the presence of Victoria and her ties to the Cult of Set. So, Ms. Starr wants Victoria to come to the museum and 'solve' the problem of the video feed. Victoria said she'd look into - no terms of payment were discussed other than Victoria being "rewarded for her service... such as it is." Bob watched the interaction between the two Vampires from Twilight and found Ms. Starr to be very disturbing. Victoria informed the rest of the group bit by bit when she could find them.

Paul Washburne resigned from the FBI, turned in his gear, then took off for the wilderness for a couple of weeks. Returning to his campsite one morning, he discovered that it had been found and apparently watched. He made his way back to town, feeling like he was being followed. He checked in at the Winslow House and at FBI headquarters... however, he believes that his call to the FBI was bugged, but apparently at the office end and not the Winslow House.

On Friday (Nov 17th, 2000 - Waxing Gibbous Moon), Victoria, Rain-Dog, and Paul Washburne headed over to the Old Town Museum, logged themselves in at 9pm, and then headed to the sub-basement. Once there, they discovered that there were a number of Knowledge spirits lurking around the room, the local Gauntlet was much thinner that it should be (and had gotten that way since the last time they visited), and that there were a number (7) of Dementia spirits lurking around Secrets-Lost-at-Sea's containment box. As Paul crossed over to the spirit-world, Victoria darkened the room to ease the transition to Twilight, and Rain-Dog attempted to communicate with the Dementia spirits. Three of them moved closer to the group and attempted to 'alter' their mental state. The PCs took this as a hostile action (not getting any real communication out of them anyway) and began to attack.

OOC: GM Notes - this was a fairly standard little melee and our first really big fight since the game started. I had intended to have a big fight, and I had planned for it to be with the whole group. Jason - who played Sam {looking back I don't see that I actually have him mentioned all that much in the LJ reports, but he wound up being something of a crucial character from time to time} - isn't playing in this game anymore. But I figured that I'd still keep it at 7 Dementias. Josh got 2 new jobs... one of which has him up at 4 am. So he hasn't been around for gaming during the past 3 or 4 weeks {we miss you Josh!}. Well, 2 extra Dementias aren't all that bad. I'd loosened them up from the book stat's anyway. Well, we havent seen Ashley for a coupla weeks either. 3 extra Dementias? Ahh, they can take it. chronozerom didn't make it tonight. Man... 4 extra Dementias? Wooooh.

So, it wound up being 7 on 3. I originally had planned for 7 Dementia spirits (one for each PC) that would use their madness-inflicting abilities to not only screw with the PCs, but also to get the other Knowledge spirits in the area to attack as well. Roaming Fear and Murder spirits still in the Museum would eventually be attracted depending on how long the combat lasted. I had intended for this to be a big big fight that would tax the abilities of a group of 5 Werewolves, a Mage, and a Vampire. Seeing that I only had 1 each Werewolf, Mage, Vampire, I just had the Dementia spirits themselves attack (plus I had a little random table for the Madness spirits occasionally turning on one another). As it was, the PCs took a bit of a beating. Especially Victoria - not because she's a Vampire or anything, I just kind of rolled really really well when attacking her. She had to sit out a couple of rounds defending and healing herself. Rain-Dog had to do the same one round. Paul only took like 4 lethal the entire fight.

After dispatching the Dementia spirits, Secrets-Lost-at-Sea told the PCs that, while he didn't remember exactly when the Dementia spirits showed up, he believed that it was because of the strange humans who kept trying to figure out the secrets he contained. The PCs offered to sever the ties that bind Secrets to the books and chest so that he could roam free. He said that if that was the only way to get him out of the prison he was in, that he'd do it... providing the PCs escorted him back to the sea (he's a little unsure about the city spirits who surround him).
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