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Monday Night Gaming Report

On the night of Saturday, November the 18th, Victoria, Billy Barrows, Rain-Dog, and Paul Washburne went back to the Museum in order to exocise Secrets-Lost-at-Sea. The idea being that if it was freed from its ties to the books, then the group could escort it back to the sea, thus fulfilling their bargain.

So, while Rain-Dog got down to severing the spiritual bonds that held Secrets in place; Paul shifted over into Twilight to patrol the area; Billy played some sad and sorrowful music, peeking occasionally through the Gauntlet; and Victoria went upstairs to the basement to have a look around. Both Paul and Billy noticed that the Gauntlet was noticably thicker than the previous day - as if their destruction of the Delerium spirits may have shifted the Gauntlet back. Victoria did find some interesting boxes, apparently Egyptian antiquities shipped from Cairo, opened, but then stored away. She heads down to check on things. Right about the same time, Paul is heading back to the sub-basement in Twilight as well. As Rain-Dog nears the end of his ritual, the containment chamber that holds Secrets begins to fill with sea-water, the seams around the edges and the door creaking slightly from the additional weight. There is a sudden, ear-splitting crack...

Victoria finds herself sitting at the old Winslow House, at the kitchen table, looking over some papers.
Billy is sitting on one of the cemetary gate columns, playing his guitar as a tour bus rattles by.
Rain-Dog is sitting in his lodge, meditating while his dinner cooks.
Paul is in wolf-form, stalking through the woods.
A huge peal of thunder rolls ominously over Savannah, and it quickly begins to rain.

The group, each in their seperate locations, realize that it is now 9pm on Friday, November the 24th. They have lost almost an entire week. They manage to all meet back up at the Museum around 9:45. As they talk, they realize that something is amiss - Rain-Dog's familiar ("chucky") reveals that Secrets is no longer beneath the museum AND that chucky himself (and Rain-Dog in some unspecified way) is stronger than before. Too, Victoria's digital camera has a number of photographs from the 'missing week' - the Aquarium, some apartment complexes, and the local penitentiary - on subsequent nights from Monday the 20th thru Wednesday the 22nd - indicating that she, at least, was out and doing things. Paul cannot figure out how he was snatched (and presumably dragged) from Twilight back to the real world.
While at the Museum, the PCs head inside to try and find some answers.

In one gallery, they run into a women's reading circle. However, apparently the leader of the group is a vampire. She and Victoria lock horns for a moment before the group is turned out of the small gallery. Finding Rebecca Starr in the back of the museum by the security station, the PCs manage to get a copy of the video feed from the sub-basement for the night of the ritual and that Ms. Starr must have had someone watching inside the museum the night of the ritual because she knew that afterwards Victoria and Rain-Dog were speaking in some 'foreign' language (i.e. High Speech).

They play the DVD-recording back on Victoria's camera-equipment, but can't tell too much. They decide to take the tape back to Victoria's house to play it back on a larger screen. Once there, they can watch the tape, but, of course, there's no sound. So, Rain-Dog calls up a technology spirit from the TV - Late-Night Static - to "fill in the gaps" of the tape. On the tape, the group hears the tail end of Rain-Dog's ritual, a huge crack, the picture comes on and they see the seals on Secret's containment cell crack and untold gallons of sea-water go flooding into the sub-basement. Victoria and Rain-Dog talk in High Speech briefly - mainly about getting out of the Museum, but also chanting back and forth with one another (and the chanting sounded like the sea tide going back and forth) - and are seen to leave with Billy (Paul no where to be seen, but assumed to be present in Twilight). Billy suspects that perhaps after severing Secrets physical tie to the books that the group themselves became living fetters for Secrets.

The group then decides to head to the Aquarium, arriving about midnight. Inside the Aquarium restaurant, the PCs encounter a spirit - Shraxa - who is some sort of Octopoid-hunger spirit. They manage to discern that Shraxa is the 'parent' of the Glutton-spirits that the group battled before, but apparently when the PCs came here during the week they had made a bargain with Shraxa - information about its 'children' in return for bringing it delicacies to eat.

Now, the PCs know where to find the other Glutton-spirits... but what will they do about it?
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