Seraph (the_seraph) wrote in newhaven_nights,

OOC - 5 NPCs

Hey gang, some NPCs that you'll possibly see during the game ... maybe. I'm not sure yet how many of these you'll actually meet.

Old Jebediah - He's known on the streets as Old Jebediah. He was Jebediah "Jay-Bird" Johnson, a semi-famous small time boxer. But something happened, and now he's sort of a broken old man. He still has a pretty strong sense of justice and honor and tends to watch out for other folks down on their luck, BUT he also has a mean streak a mile wide and a temper that you don't want to get on the wrong side of.

Noah Carter - A somewhat sullen fisherman who plies the local river and the coastal waters, Carter is often willing to ferry passengers up river, across the border into SC, or out to sea for a fishing trip . . . for a price.

Miss Rebecca Clearheart - The head librarian at the city's largest public library, Ms. Clearheart sometimes seems to have the entire collection memorized. She is efficient, meticulous, and intelligent.

Detective Mark Thibideaux - A local police detective, Mark sometimes seems to have a sixth sense about crime and criminals. Although he's been the target of retaliation for his ardent pursuit of justice, he remains dedicated to hunting down those who endanger the city of Savannah.

Doctor Peter Mordrach - A prominent doctor in the city, Peter is often on call for the numerous city institutions that require such aid - the local jail, the children's psychiatric ward, the country club - when discretion is required. Although his personal practice has suffered for it, Dr Mordrach has reaped the benefits in terms of social contacts and financial rewards.

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