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The Library of Shadows

The Library of Shadows
The World of Knives and Faith

Chapter One:
Out on the edge of the city of Savannah lies the old Winslow house. The house has been abandoned for some time, but because of its secluded location it is a favorite haunt of the destitute and the desperate. Until recently, that is. Because of numerous complaints, the local police department have increased patrols in the area.

Victoria, an urban explorer and supernatural aficionado, is in the attic of the house - she has spent the day exploring the grounds and later the manor itself. As night begins to fall, she hears a loud crash from downstairs. She freezes and waits quietly, only to hear the faint sounds of music from somewhere below.

Billy Barrows, local musician of some renown, has finally tracked down the source of strange rhyme recited by local children to the old Winslow house and the children of former servants who worked there.
the rhyme:
"One for blood, two for stone. You never know, when you'll be bone. Three for fire, four for death. You never know, you'll loose your breath. Five for sin, Six to kill. You never know, what's under the hill."
Arriving at the house, Billy breaks in by kicking down the front door. He wanders about inside until he finds a room that overlooks the darkening river. He dusts off a mirror, sets his trusty zippo up in front of it, and sits down to start playing. While attempting to get the "mood" of the house, Billy launches into some impromptu song.

On the nearby interstate highway, rain is pelting down. As Paul Washburne is driving south for his new assignment in Savannah, while at the same time Mr. William Lawson is riding in a prisoner-transport van that is delivering four convicts from South Carolina to his penitentiary in Savannah. Among the prisoners is Bob 'the Butcher'... a man possibly wrongly accused of murder. At first everything seems fine, but then a car swerves wildly on the rain-soaked highway. It smashes into the Econoline van which rocks wildly before spinning out of control, striking Washburne's car, and dragging all three vehicles off the road and down an embankment.

Bob comes too first. Using blood and rain, he loosens up his bonds, crawls out of the wreckage and into the night. Shortly thereafter, Warden Lawson and Agent Washburne both come to, and get acquainted. Lawson heads up to the road to try and flag down a passing car, while Washburne checks on Lawson's prisoners - all dead. When Washburne informs Lawson that his driver and all three prisoners are dead, Lawson realizes that one of them has escaped. Off in the distance they see the silhouette of a house with a few dim lights. Lawson recognizes it as the old Winslow place and knows that it should be abandoned, and when Washburne says that the prisoner's tracks head toward the house, the two men pull flashlights and pistols and head out. At the house, the two men split up after finding the front door broken, deciding to encircle the house as best they can and entrap the escaped convict.

All of this comes together in the drawing room.


That's the first half of the night, more to follow.
Tags: gaming, world of darkness
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