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OOC - Monday Night Game Report Notes

Ok... thoughts about last nights game.

I enjoyed it. I'm going along with the idea of "don't roll unless you mean it" or "say yes or roll the dice" (or other various naming conventions) - what this means is that unless you guys have a chance of serious messing up or are facing off against a tougher opponent, I'm not going to make you do too much rolling. Like I didn't have Billy or Victoria roll for breaking in to the Winslow House - not because it wouldn't normally require a roll, but because 1) they'd keep trying until they got in, 2) the story requires that they get inside, and 3) they both had dots in Larceny which allows lockpicking. So, no roll. Now, had those new locks that the police put on the front door been accompanied by an alarm system of some sort, yeah, I would have required a roll - not to get in, but to get in unnoticed. See the difference?

Anywho, there was a lot of intra-party conflict last night... hopefully that will settle down and become friendly rivalry now that the vast majority of the group are werewolves and destined to be a pack. I understand that a coupla lawmen faced with an escaped convict are going to attempt to bring him in, but given that we're playing a cooperative game, you guys should try and make some allowances.

I didn't give out XP for last night's session - sorry guys, but those 25 XP that you got for going through the Werewolf change was just to reflect your initial change and the training that the Tribe gives you. Don't expect anywhere near that much on a regular basis. Instead, you'll get XP that's slightly more on par with what you're used to from White Wolf.

I'll do a PC sheet update a little bit later on. Maybe not today, but before the next time we play ... which, incidentally, will be January 30th for The Library of Shadows.
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