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Rain-Dog's voice journal : 1

Well, after that weird dream about the wolves at the door,I was almost dissapointed when I ended up at the Waffle-Shit.Talking to some of the streeters didn't turn up much,but there's something out here pulling some heavy mojo.
I scoped the place out,and it's lousy with spirits.And not the usual stuff either,but thats not the weirdest part of the day. Inside the diner is a old aquaintance of mine, Billy,this Roky Erikson wanna-be local dude.Chilling with some Fed types, but heres the thing..they are all sitting under the shadow of this big nasty THING lurking in the twilight.It hurt my eyes to look at it,and Chucky wouldnt get close to it either. Seems Billy and the boingers there were all skinchangers,how about that?The Great Spirit provides eh?(More about Big Black in a bit..)

We met,talked a bit and showed our cards.Sounds like there is someone or thing throwing some heavy shit around in the ether.Nasty skin-riding hunger-spirits possessing folks,making them eat themselves to death. American consumerism writ large on the souls of these poor schlubs.So they say they've been looking into it, but need to work the otherside of the veil.My bread and butter. We head to their place,a creepy old joint in the uptown,and I start to nose around.Seems there's a vampire hanging around there too,first I"ve ever met.Pretty nice as unliving abominations go,but I"m starting to wonder just who's side these guys are on.They SAY theyre trying to keep things in balance,but looking at the house, their "totem",their vampire roomate..I dunno.I wont be spending the night there anytime soon.
There was a guy at the diner with some spirit-bound knife that caught my attention,so I threw out some feelers about that and the heavy concentration of glut/hunger spirits at the diner.Check the library for answers they tell me, so once night falls we head down to see what we can find out.
We get in, lots of knowledge spirits lingering around.BIG ones,not the usual types,and hiding deep in the shadows, murder-fear spirits...hunting.
Not good.I dont' like that shit at all.
We make our way down to the basement,where we hear echos of chanting (Worship?),and meet 'Secrets lost at sea'.Secrets is a spirit with a pretty self descriptive name, I suss it knows something,but it wants a promise that we will return it to the sea before it will tell us anything.I'm thinking it might have something to do with the weirdness in the library,maybe in the whole area,it's too soon to tell. We decide to check out the dude with the knife,and make our way there.We're joined by some more of the pack, a shamantype and a weird guy in a suit.Me and vampy hang outside while the others cross over and get into position.I see blood from Carlos' door to the trash,I sense cold,and when we get to the doorstep of his apt..there's a ghost.Some poor woman's spirit still clinging there,her throat mind returns to Carlos' knife.
Billy must have ready my vibe, cause he breaks the door in and me and the others enter. Place looks like a slaughter house,feels like a meat-locker.Some bad shit went down here,that much is obvious.Billy slams some stuff around, I introduce him to some of the apartments natives,and we get the truth.Carlos killed his girl, chopped her up and dragged her to the dumpster.The knife he killed her with has been soaking up all the fear the whole time,and it's all charged up.Thats what raised the flag to me in the diner.
I made sure Carlos was able to "see" his handywork before we charged him to admit his crime and turn himself in.Gotta hand it to the wolfboys and vampy,it was a good thing we did there. Felt damn good to get at least one scumbag out of the area,but here's the rub...

Checking that knife and Carlos,there's no way they are the ones bringing all this weirdness down on Savannah.There's more happining here,and its big.Guess the G.S isn't done with me or the Addams family yet.So we'll keep on digging for answers,and I'll keep on watching them.

I ain't sleeping there tho'..
-NO way brother!
Tags: gaming, rain dog, world of darkness
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